Promotion And Application Of Dragon Snake Venom Freeze-dried Powder In The Global Market

In recent years, the biochemical hemostatic drugs mainly composed of snake venom enzyme have been the most widely used in clinic and become the mainstream of therapeutic drugs development. Hemostatic agents, also known as procoagulant drugs, are mostly drugs that play a role in the process of blood coagulation, including accelerating blood coagulation or reducing capillary permeability to stop bleeding. They are the main and indispensable therapeutic drugs for the clinical treatment of hemorrhagic diseases or bleeding state.

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In 2008, in the domestic hemostatic market, the hemcoagulase drugs represented by snake venom powder occupied 48.08% of the share of therapeutic drugs, which not only entered the national essential drugs list, but also included in the national basic medical insurance drug list (Class B). According to the recent investigation and analysis on the market situation of its hemocoagulase products, it shows that at present the hemocoagulase hemostatic drugs are in the changing stage of the new brand entering the old brand market. At present, hemolytic hemostatic drugs are in the changing stage of new brands entering the market of old brands. Using snake venom raw materials and high quality Chinese medicine as the market entry point, "Suling", the national first-class new drug of hemolytic hemostatic drugs, will lead the Chinese medicine to occupy the domestic market comprehensively and impact the international market. The annual number of hemorrhagic diseases is more than 9 million, mainly distributed in surgical departments and some internal medicine departments. Hemostatic agents are widely used in a variety of hemostatic methods. With the further standardization of the national pharmaceutical market and the intensification of market competition, some excellent products of traditional big categories of drugs, such as antibiotics and drugs for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, are facing more and more pressure, while hemostatic market is attracting more and more attention of the industry due to its huge potential and relatively little competitive pressure. At present, as dozens of manufacturers continue to join the competition, the market space gradually narrowed, has been close to the bottom of clinical application. Therefore, the market of hemostatic drugs urgently needs new products with definite efficacy and wide indications. However, due to the rare new products of good hemostatic agents, hemagglutinin products with high efficiency and safety characteristics will dominate the whole hemostatic market for a period of time in the future


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