Analgesia Of Snake Venom Freeze-dried Powder

The application of snake venom in agkistrodon (five-step snake) : analgesia Snake venom has the functions of dispelling wind and dehumidification, anticoagulation and antithrombus, removing fibrinogen, reducing blood viscosity, dilating blood vessels, improving microcirculation and lowering blood lipids. The venom of agkistrodon agkistrodon has high medicinal value, which contains pharmacological components of promoting coagulation, fibrinolysis, anti-cancer and analgesia. The main functions are: 1. Analgesia. 2. Lower blood pressure. 3. Hemostasis and anticoagulation. 4. anti-cancer effect. 5. treatment of cerebral thrombosis and vasculitis. 6. Treat gastric and duodenal ulcers. 7. is the anti-blood serum. 8. Military and drug addiction

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In recent years, the research from the region in the south of anhui long noded pit viper, the viper and the cobra purification of crude drug resistance high coagulation state enzyme, protein C activation (PCA) and various bioactive substances, experimental studies have confirmed that the active ingredient can affect the coagulation process, affect platelet adhesion, aggregation and protecting vascular endothelial cell function, with high-efficiency, anticoagulation, thrombolysis effect, It is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of clinical thrombotic diseases and improvement of blood hypercoagulability. It was also found that SNAKE venom PCA could specifically kill K562 leukemia cells and inhibit the metastasis of cancer cells, and its clinical application prospect is very broad. Laboratory has to undertake and complete the national natural science fund and the ministry of health and scientific research funds to anhui provincial health office, department of education "pointed to kiss the viper poison causes DIC mechanism", "pointed to kiss the viper to animals cause bleeding mechanism research", "enzyme standard method of snake wound diagnosis and differential diagnosis of its snake families" and so on a number of research topics; The current projects include: "Study on the absence of hemorrhagic anticoagulant protein in Pentaphylla pentaphylla", "Study on the molecular mechanism of the effect of PCA on vascular endothelial function of Ankistrodon agkistrodon venom", "Study on the molecular biology of PCA antitumor cells in Snake venom", and the separation and purification of neuroanalgesic components in Cobra venom.


In 1976, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Yunnan province successfully developed "Ketongling" from snake venom for the clinical treatment of various painful diseases, and achieved unique analgesic effect. Cao Yisheng developed "Compound Ketongning" in the treatment of neuropathic pain, cancer pain and drug addiction showed a very good effect. Because of its higher analgesic activity and non-addiction, snake venom analgesics are clinically used to replace morphine in the treatment of late-stage cancer pain.

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