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Raw material The dry powder of snake venom produced by our company is made from the collected venom of agkistrodon. Snake venom freeze-dried powder is widely used in medicine, military, beauty and other fields. The freeze-dried powder of snake venom has wide application range and broad development prospect.

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With the development of science and technology, more and more people have studied snake venom Many single components have anticancer activities, and their mechanisms of action can be broadly divided There are three aspects : (1) ionin, its main function is to inhibit tumor Vascular hyperplasia and adhesion between tumors; (2) Cytotoxin, directly It is used for killing cells by cancer cell membrane; (3) Inducing apoptosis. when Anti-cancer properties have also been previously found in pit viper venom. Duan Tao et al from Guangxi Jian

3 Anti-cancer effect

A cytotoxin I 3-H3 was isolated from the venom of agkistrodon halys and cultured in vitro Human lung cancer cell line (A549), human gastric cancer cell line (B G C) and human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line (KB) To use. Zhang Liang et al. isolated two anticancer components A from venom of Agkistrodon agkistrodon in southern Anhui CTX-6 and ACTX-8 were tested against human lung cancer cell line (A 5 4) 9) The most sensitive, and good thermal stability. Lei Danqing and others from agkistrodon venom A small molecule polypeptide K component was isolated from chicken embryo allantoic membrane The role of angiogenesis has the potential to become more active against tumor angiogenesis Peptide. Li Yingxin et al studied the effect of K component on human ovarian cancer cells cultured in vitro The proliferation of strain A 277 80 was significantly inhibited, and the mechanism was possible It is associated with anti-cell adhesion and inducing apoptosis. 4) Other physiological effects Agkistrodon venom has also been found to improve microcirculation, reduce blood pressure, and reduce alertness Toxic effects. Linzhentao and others were isolated from agkistrodon venom with dilation Microvascular, the component of lowering blood pressure, its mechanism of action may be related to Inhibits platelet aggregation and inhibits platelet calcium influx and calcium mobilization, thereby Decrease the concentration of free calcium ion in platelet cytoplasm. Li Wande et al It was found that agkistrodon viper venom had a rapid excitatory postsynaptic effect on the sympathetic nerve of toad Potential (F -EPS P) has inhibitory effect. Chen Xingzhi et al. found that in He-la cells and TH P-1 cells of Agkistrodon halys venom The percentage of tachyzoites infected with T. gondii was significantly increased.

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